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Structured Builder Gel Manicure

What is a Structured Builder Gel Manicure?

A Structured Builder Gel Manicure uses a builder gel base overlay
on your natural nails that provide long lasting wear.
Builder gel is used when you want to create length, thickness or add strength to the nail. You can apply builder gel to either natural nails for a non-chip overlay, or use it with nail tips to create extensions or enhancements.

This type of manicure is meant to reinforce your natural nail with a supportive layer of rubber-based gel to protect your natural nails from breakage. It also mends broken free edges (bye-bye, frustrating hangnails) and conceals ridges and discoloration. which means it requires time, patience, and precision in order to create a natural-looking layer that replicates the natural arch and shape of your nail.

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How to do structured manicure?

Builder gels are not the same as gel polish.
Builder gels can be used to create length, thickness or add strength to the nail.
It is thinned and smoothed out, then a new layer of builder gel is added to
"fill in" the growth at the base of your nail.
Once the builder gel is perfectly shaped, a gel polish color is added to the top of the builder gel.
The results are durable, long lasting, chip resistant, structured nails.

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Difference between structured gel manicure and gel manicure

Structured gel is thicker than traditional gel, but thinner than acrylic.

With structured manicures, you have the option to either have a gel-based extension or simply cover your natural nail to prevent breakage.

One thing to note about structured manicures is that they are pretty time-consuming. So, are they really worth spending all their time in a salon chair? Absolutely, considering how neat, clean, and natural the results look.

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Where can you get a structured gel manicure?

All available at our beautiful Las Vegas nail salon. Make your nail extensions and nail designs stand out with elegant and stunning nail art techniques from our incredibly talented nail technicians.
At Nailed and Lashed, you can choose from any of our nail services or mix and match exactly what you want and need. You can choose any number of combinations like polish changes, ombre gel, hard gel top coats, acrylic removal with service, and so much more

Manicure Services

Manicure Services

Natural Manicure $25 - Gel + $20

Relax and enjoy our natural manicure which includes nail trimming and cuticle care. We finish off with our hydrating massage and your choice of polish.

Luxury Manicure $47 - Gel + $20

Give your hands the attention they deserve with nail trimming. cuticle care, exfoliating sugar scrub, fresh orange, purifying clay mask and a rejuvenating lotion massage. We finish with a polish of your choice.

Heavenly Manicure $57 - Gel + $20

Are you ready to experience all the feels Our ultimate heavenly manicure takes self-care to the next level Using our luxurious sea salt soak, nail trimming, cuticle care, smoothing your skin with our exfoliating sugar scrub, fresh oranges, mask, oil, paraffin wax, velvety soft lotion massage with your choice of polish?

Top of the world Manicure $87 get + $20
Detoxify your body enhane blood comforable cozy and soft hard skin enjoy deep sleep

Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails

Full Set

Acrylic Powder $50 & up
Gel $60 & up
White-Tip Gel $60 & up
Pink & White Gel $70 & up
Gel Bonder, Gel X $70 & up
Full Set Ombre $80 & up

Fill Set

Acrylic Fill $35 & up
Gel fill $50 & up
Pink Fill $50 & up
Pink & White Fill $65 & up
Gel Liquid Fill $60 & up
Gel Bonder, Gel X $60 & up

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